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General reactions to insulin should not serve as a reason for its withdrawal. With the help of skin tests, less immunogenic preparations of the hormone can be selected.

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When general reactions occur, the dose is usually reduced three times, and then gradually increased by 2-5 units, bringing it to the required level. If insulin therapy is interrupted for more than 24-48 hours, then skin tests and desensitization should be repeated. With a high titer of IgG antibodies to insulin, insulin resistance usually develops. A rare form of ed pills resistance associated with the appearance of antibodies to tissue hormone receptors is combined with acanthosis nigricans and lipodystrophy. Almost 30% of patients with insulin resistant diabetes mellitus also have an allergy to insulin. In about 50% of cases, the transfer of patients to less immunogenic hormone preparations, selected using skin tests, helps.
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Anticonvulsants can cause severe anaphylactic reactions.

Hypersensitivity to these agents seems to be associated with hereditary deficiency of epoxide hydrolase, an enzyme that degrades aryl oxide intermediates in the metabolism of anticonvulsants in the liver. Fever, maculopapular rash, generalized lymphadenopathy, and visceral involvement are characteristic. A similar syndrome occurs with the introduction of minocycline, sulfonamides and dapsone.

Cesari Syndrome (Redskin Syndrome). The basis of this syndrome, which most often develops with the introduction of vancomycin, is a nonspecific release of histamine. Intravenous administration of vancomycin at a low rate and/or prior administration of H1-blockers prevents the development of this syndrome.

Anaphylactoid reactions can develop with intravascular administration where can i buy ed pills agents, myelography, or retrograde pyelography.

The mechanism of such reactions, apparently, is different, but in most cases the main role is played by the activation of mast cells. Complement activation was also observed. It is not known whether hypersensitivity to seafood or iodine increases the likelihood of these reactions.

However, their risk is increased in patients with allergic diseases or receiving b-blockers, as well as in those who have had them before. In such cases, either other diagnostic methods or low-osmolar contrast agents should be used while taking prednisone, diphenhydramine, and salbutamol. Sometimes H2 blockers (cimetidine or ranitidine) are also added.


ED Pills (morphine and its derivatives) directly cause degranulation of mast cells, contributing to the appearance of itching, urticaria and suffocation.

In children, NSAIDs and aspirin can cause anaphylactoid reactions,urticaria and / or Quincke's edema, and in adolescents - attacks of bronchial asthma with or without rhinoconjunctivitis. There are no skin tests or in vitro studies that would predict the development of reactions to aspirin and other NSAIDs in advance. If these funds are ed pills, they should either be abandoned or desensitized. Preliminary evidence suggests that patients who respond to aspirin with an asthma attack tolerate cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors well.
With anamnestic indications of such reactions and the inability to refuse anesthesia, non-narcotic drugs are used. If they do not relieve the pain, then they use either morphine in fractional doses, or other opium derivatives.
  • Insulin is the most important medication needed by people with diabetes. Only about 20% of pills for sale cannot use insulin due to severe allergies, which are expressed in unpleasant and sometimes dangerous symptoms.
  • It is interesting that young girls are most often affected by this disease, but older people, whose age has exceeded 60 years, encounter pathologies relatively rarely.

As a result, the production of histamine begins, which causes allergy symptoms. ED Medicines are a whole set of organic compounds (it is organic that is the most common cause of the development of the disease), so cases of allergy to them are not uncommon.

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Also, the danger increases if a person does not treat a cold in a timely manner. From this, the immune system becomes weaker and crashes much more often. There are three main types of insulin used in medicine: human, bovine, and porcine.
  • Those people who do not take good care of their health are especially at risk
  • Most often, an allergic reaction develops on an animal product, since it contains the maximum number of potential irritants
  • However, different types of insulin differ only in the degree of purification
  • The higher it is, the less the product contains side protein and non-protein compounds, due to which the number of potential allergens is significantly reduced.
Introduced in recent years, Insulin of the highest purity almost does not cause allergies, which indicates a possible soon getting rid of this disease.
  • The risk of developing symptoms of pathology depends not only on the composition of the drug, but also on the method of its administration.
  • If the wrong place is chosen, then the probability of an incorrect immune reaction doubles, for example, when using a needle that is too thick for intradermal injection, the trauma of the skin increases, as a result of which the chances of encountering an allergy increase significantly.
  • Also, highly chilled insulin often becomes the cause of the reaction.
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In most cases, the symptoms are local in nature, as in the photo, and do not pose a significant danger to the patient. They occur about an hour after the administration of the drug. The reaction may be late, so signs appear after about 4 hours, and in rare cases after a whole day. In any case, the patient complains of the following manifestations of the disease: